Pacific Partnership Hub

Facilitating deep learning and exchange of climate science, models of positive peacebuilding, and Indigenous wisdom across the Pacific and beyond.

Pacific Partnership Hub

The Institute for Climate and Peace’s (ICP) Pacific Partnership Hub is a conduit of learning and exchange between the Pacific populations in Hawaiʻi, Aotearoa, and other nations in the Pacific to catalyze climate-resilience and peace in the region and beyond.

Our Pacific Partnership Hub is based in Aotearoa, New Zealand facilitating collaboration across the Pacific to amplify the sharing of regionally-based climate knowledge, models of positive peacebuilding, and Indigenous wisdom.

The Institute for Climate and Peace Embarks on a Collaborative Journey to Aotearoa New Zealand

May 2023

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In close partnership with the Te Ātiawa iwi (tribe), the Edmund Hillary Fellowship network, and other local communities, individuals, and organizations in Aotearoa New Zealand and across the Pacific, ICP collaborates with Pacific regional groups to develop and launch programming related to educational outreach, leadership training, policy response, and bridging the nexus between climate and peace.

Along with only operating where we have been invited and have established relationships, ICP recognizes the utmost importance of hearing firsthand experiences, stories, and perspectives to gain a better sense of the peacebuilding and climate resilience work already happening in the Pacific, as well as the potential gaps to be filled.

Collaborate With Us!

ICP welcomes communities, organizations, and individuals in the Pacific Region to collaborate with us to co-create solutions, design inclusive frameworks, share knowledge systems, and deepen our connections to place, community, and each other.

Meaningful collaborations further our collective capacity to create and inform peaceful and climate resilient futures from the Pacific Region.