Advancing peaceful and climate resilient futures for the well-being of all

We advance peaceful and climate-resilient futures by elevating the inherent wisdom, power, ingenuity, and voices of the communities that we serve.

Meet Our Team
The Institute for Climate and Peace is a 501(c)(3) organization based out of Honolulu, Hawaiʻi.

ICP was created in response to the 21st century’s increasing threat to the accomplishment of humanity’s fundamental goal: Peace. Global climate change, dwindling biodiversity, and fickle water resources are among the chief environmental challenges that will increasingly undermine peace building efforts—from the community level to the global arena.

ICP believes that when resources are stable and relationships are sound, we are poised for peace. We are, however, entering an era in which our environment and uncertain resource supplies will require stronger bonds between communities and common understandings of climate risks.

This work is especially relevant to the United States as well as the Pacific-Asia region, for which climate forecasts demonstrate novel and disproportionate impacts.

Our Mission

ICP’s mission is to advance effective and inclusive processes to build peaceful and climate-resilient futures for the well-being of all.

Theory of Change

If peacebuilding problem-solving methods are applied in parallel with rigorous research on the changing climate, then decision makers at all scales are better equipped to respond to climate crises, reduce friction, and build social cohesion through locally-based and culturally-appropriate responses.


Innovative, effective, and recognized models at the intersection of the fields of climate and peace thrive in Hawaiʻi and the Pacific-Asia region.


Climate and peace are integrated collaborative fields helping to advance a just and sustainable peace for thriving, cohesive communities.

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