Positive Peacebuilding Meets Climate Action

A dual approach woven together by our communities in Hawaiʻi and around the world.

Our Projects

Our Approach

By coupling key principles of positive peacebuilding – including justice and equity, resilient social networks, and trust between communities and institutions – with rigorous climate change research and resilience strategies, we equip decision makers at all scales with the tools needed to respond to the climate crisis, reduce social friction, and build social cohesion through locally-based and culturally-appropriate responses.

We execute programming across the following methodologies: Information & Education, Collaboration, and Policy Transformation to advance tailored, community-grounded solutions toward a climate-resilient and peaceful future.

Programming Methodologies

  • Information & Education

    Inform and learn from impacted stakeholders and young leaders about evolving climate impacts and efforts to build peace.
  • Collaboration

    Facilitate dialogue between communities facing emerging threats and negotiate transformative responses that enhance peace and solidarity.
  • Policy Transformation

    Identify and craft climate resilience and peace-building policy solutions that help communities thrive amid uncertainty.

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