Climate Justice Training Program for Young Women

Supporting Young Women

ICP leaders work to support young women through apprenticeships, workshops, and curriculum implementation. Together we exchange ideas for action at the climate and peace nexus. Young people in this program are guided and supported by the wisdom of women across three generations with links to their educational institutions, home communities, and personal interests. 

Program Objectives:

    • Convey the urgency of climate-resilient futures, assist each young person to begin applying their own “superpower(s)” to the futures in the places they are from.
    • Increase appreciation for learning from past, present, and future.
    • Co-develop action plans based on individual strengths and the talents of the collective.
    • Built a sense of hope, agency, motivation, and a community of practice within the cohort.
    • Help young people identify key strategies and tools to advance social change in the context of their area of interest (including their degree fields for college-based enrollees).
    • Accelerate personal motivation for action and boost creativity for professional development.

The Institute for Climate and Peace Returns to Montgomery, Alabama for Place-Based Exchange

In September 2023, the ICP team had the privilege to engage in place-based knowledge-building, truth-telling, and relationship-building with communities in Alabama.

Read About Our Experience
We work to measure the efficacy of the Climate Justice Training for Young Women program by monitoring the demonstrated behavior, strategies, and tools utilized by the participants. Participants complete the program with the following outcomes:
  1. Broader understanding of the causes of climate change, its impact on individuals and communities, and the importance of comprehensive and integrated responses
  2. Increased capability to dialogue and organize with peers and stakeholders 
  3. Advanced development of leadership skills and practices in the fields
  4. Personal commitment to building and sustaining positive peace and climate-resilience