Practical, Peaceful, and Principled: An intergenerational approach to climate solutioning

Apr 24, 2023


CP’s Dr. Maya Soetoro (Co-Founder), Katherine Waters (Analyst), and Sabrina Wong (Apprentice) were featured in an intergenerational panel at the One Earth Summit presented by the Institute for Zen Leadership and the Perma Leadership Project. The discussion, hosted by Dr. Ginny Whitelaw (Founder of the Institute for Zen Leadership), addressed topics such as youth-led social change, gendered dimensions of the climate crisis, the importance of mindfulness and connection with nature, and ICP’s work to build climate-resilient futures for communities in Hawai‘i and the Pacific-Asia region — all centered on the importance of intergenerational resilience and approaches to climate solutioning that is practical, peaceful, and principled. In all, the One Earth Summit hosted events featuring over 50 experts from diverse professions, and a full transcript of the ICP panel can be found on our Medium page.