ICP 2022: A Year in Review

ICP has published its first ‘Year in Review’ report, highlighting a big year of growth for our team.


Along the coasts of the Hawaiian Islands, you will find clusters of hala (Pandanus tectorius); pū hala as they are known in the Hawaiian language. A family of trees, these companion groups are essential to the Indigenous landscape providing reinforcement, shade, food, medicine, fiber, and practical forms for our everyday use in balance with the natural resources of these lands. They have survived generations here — firmly rooted in place and able to withstand drought, wind, salt water intrusion, poor soil conditions, and high temperatures. Lau Hala, their leaves, are plaited by practitioners into prized mats and finely woven into hats, baskets, pillows, and ceremonial attire.

All of us at the Institute for Climate and Peace work, volunteer, and interact in harmony within our beloved community. Our team learns through each other’s gifts, lived experiences, stories, and presence. Like cultivated groves of hala trees, our Institute was created to build peaceful and climate-resilient futures for the wellbeing of all.

“Working with ICP has allowed me to reconnect with my cultural origins in Hawai‘i and has, in many ways, brought me closer to the Pacific-Asia Region. It has been an absolutely inspiring experience to be able to give back to the communities with which we serve and participate in ICP’s vital work in peacebuilding efforts and facing our region’s environmental challenges.”

— Danyelle Kawamura, Analyst

Dear friends, we emerged out of COVID-19 envisioning a new harvest with plenty to celebrate from our accomplishments. As we reflect back on all the work done and momentum built, let us take you on a journey through a few highlights in this year-in-review. Inside, you will find examples of how we created climate and peace education, improved critical conversations, and amplified efforts to transform policy for sustainable, thriving, cohesive communities.

“My colleagues and I have been particularly impressed with the rigor, energy and creativity of ICP’s leadership, their ambition for the Institute, and their vision for the organizational structure that will best suit ICP’s growth over the next decade.”

— Humanity United, Donor

Together we completed 70 projects, worked with more than 45 partners and collaborators, and reached more than 23,000 individuals through our local, regional, and global efforts in 2022. Our recordings reached 9,120 people, and we were able to serve over 6,000 individuals. Every dollar here is multiplied by a humble and hardworking group of young people. Our strategic strands of work are multigenerational and multidimensional just like the world around us.

ICP’s message spanned far and wide this year. We held our first in-person program in two years: a two-week learning intensive for undergraduate students at Dartmouth, and co-hosted a two-day environmental violence and justice conference sponsored by the University of Notre Dame’s Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. Dr. Kealoha Fox spoke at Goalkeepers 2022 in NYC, a global gathering organized by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. We attended Geneva Peace Week, and ended our year on a high note in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt at the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP27).

Growing our social media presence allows us to amplify our new approach to climate and peacebuilding work, and tracking our social media metrics gives us an idea of how accessible and resonate ICP’s work is to our global audience. With this in mind, we are proud that ICP experienced significant growth on social media in 2022. Across all networks, we had an 115% increase in followers and 28,000 users reach our profiles. There was a 314% increase in post impressions, and an average post engagement rate of 7.82%. Instagram and LinkedIn were the top performers, with 50,000 page and profile impressions, and 1,600 fans and followers.

On behalf of the team, thank you for your contribution this year in strengthening us. Like the hala trees, each stage in the organizational life cycle is significant. Our tremendous thanks for your support during our Institute’s rooting, growth, and expansion.

We invite you to reach out to us with questions or ideas for additional areas of exploration. This document is our first step toward the creation of a full annual report, which we aim to complete for 2023 and will live on our (new) website which is under construction. Working toward a 2023 ICP Annual Report will be our commitment to transparency, evaluating our performance, and story share toward the mission.

“I could not be more proud of what ICP accomplished this past year, working tirelessly to uplift transformative and human-centered responses to the climate crisis. Communities have power and are equipped as sources of climate and peace solutions. Still, resilience requires the political will to ensure appropriate rights and resources to amplify those solutions for the most significant impact, and that is where ICP shines the brightest.”

— Zelda Keller, Managing Executive Director

Read the full ICP 2022: Year in Review.

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The Institute for Climate and Peace (ICP) is a climate justice organization that understands the science and advances positive peace to build equity and climate resiliency for the communities most affected by climate change. Our mission is to advance effective and inclusive processes to build peaceful and climate-resilient futures for the wellbeing of all. We are re-envisioning how we relate to ourselves, each other, and our environment by investing deeply in positive peace strategies that are transformative and support the vision of communities at the frontlines of climate change. Find out more about us and our latest activities by staying connected.

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