Climate change is devastating communities—threatening food security, intensifying weather events, and forcing the migration of thousands of individuals in search of a safe and prosperous future. As the climate crisis deepens, peace is needed for communities to navigate these changes and thrive.

Global Rate of Coral Reef Decline
We are losing 1 football field worth of coral reefs every 24 seconds.

The degredation of coral reefs at a rate of 2.5 football fields per minute will result in the rapid decline of coastal fish and shellfish populations.

Future Coastlines

Rising seas, historic storms, and coastal erosion are impacting millions of people every day.

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Just Migration

Humans are constantly in motion, with migration playing a central role in our existence.

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Women and Gender Inclusion

Women are uniquely positioned to lead on the intersection of climate and peace.

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Community Programs

Connected and informed communities are the key to addressing climate impacts.

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