By coupling positive peacebuilding problem-solving methods with rigorous climate change research and resilience strategies, we equip decision makers at all scales with the tools needed to respond to the climate crisis, reduce social friction, and build social cohesion through locally-based and culturally-appropriate responses.

We execute programming across the following methodologies to advance tailored, community-grounded solutions toward a climate-resilient and peaceful future.

Inform and learn from impacted stakeholders and young leaders about evolving climate impacts and efforts to build peace.
Facilitate dialogue between communities facing emerging threats and negotiate transformative responses that enhance peace and solidarity.
Policy Transformation
Identify and craft climate resilience and peace-building policy solutions that help communities thrive amid uncertainty.


Outreach Activities: ICP conducts workshops, webinars, and similar activities that link Institute expertise directly to opportunities and challenges facing vulnerable communities. ICP engages participants in comprehensive, futures-inspired, and action-oriented learning.

Leadership Training: ICP offers climate and peace leadership education programming to students and future leaders in the Pacific Asia region to provide participants with a clearer understanding that 21st century leadership must be climate-resilient and peace oriented to be optimally effective.


Community Bridging & Holding Space: ICP drafts and employs diverse curricula, hosts dialogues, and holds the space to connect uncommon allies, communities at odds, and siloed communities of practice.

Partnership Facilitation: ICP hosts multi-stakeholder convenings and partnerships that pioneer best practices in climate adaptation and peacebuilding, strengthen energy and food security, and sustain resilient communities.


Policy Response: ICP partners with communities and leaders to develop tailored policy responses to enhance resilience and support peace, drawing from a growing library of “best practice” mitigation and adaptation solution sets.

Policy Guidance: ICP provides policy advice and support to legislative bodies, agencies, and private entities as they negotiate climate responses and conducts transformative scenario planning to effectively manage challenges like climate-induced migration.

Cross-Sector Advocacy: ICP develops and distributes special briefings and technical support to agencies, organizations, and individuals as they negotiate responses to avoid contention and build cooperation.